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 Here you would find the rules of this site and forums. We want every member to follow these rules.

1. Treat everyone with respect

We want everyone to respect each other. This includes normal members, mods, and admins.

2. No Flaming,Swearing, or attacking

This is a forum and not a place for people to flame each other. We'll allow damn and hell but that's just it. If you have to swear about something as long as it's NOT a member, just make it look like **** but don't do it a lot.

3. No Spamming

Some know that spam means Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. DO NOT double post because it's just spam. Unless you have a good reason for it, then don't double post. If it's just an accident because of your computor or something, ask a mod or admin and we'll kindly delete it for you. Don't send other users spammed messages because that is just annoying.

4.  No Religion disscussion

Any talk about religion is banned in these forums. The only place where you can talk about stuff like this is in the Mature/ Serrious Disscussion.

5. No inappropriate posts or pictures

We have a lot of different people of different ages so don't post anything that's sexist, racist, or contains nudity. If you're not sure about it, don't post it.

6. Grammar and Spelling

Most people judge each other on the internet for grammer and spelling. Put proper English because it's easier to read. I coudnt undstnd wat evrybdy ws taking about. That's an example of what we DON"T want here. It could get worse than that.

7. No Multiple accounts

DO NOT put multiple accounts or we WILL ban you. If your account is some how erased, then you can put another account. But to be safe, ask us in the Contact Us and tell us about your old account and we'll see if you can make another one. We know that Webs won't let you make a second acount with the same email. You may not create another account if your first on was banned.

8. No Comercial Buissness

Selling users products is prohibited. It is only allowed if you have our permission. If you have an item that you want to donate to our store, contact us.

9. No Trolling

This site is for Nintendo fans only. Do not even think of coming here if you hate Nintendo. You may not make an account just to attack the community or we will report you.

What happens if someone breaks a rule?

We'll see what we could do but:

1. Get a warning

2. Be banned for a while

3. For each repeated offense, you get banned until you get banned permanently.

Signature Limit:

We have a limit for sigs so that nobody's computors run slowly. The signature limit is 400x250 pixels. Here's an example:


What happens if your sig is too big?

1. Get a warning

2. You have a few days until you have to remove it

3. Your sig will be removed

If you're inactive after you get the warning, we'll have your sig removed.

If you have any questions, contact Ninten*, Arkvoodle, or Mandym287

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