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There are only a few requirements on becoming an affliate. Use the 'Contact Us' form to submit your site with the name and URL. Any website breaking these requirements will be removed from the list.

1. You must be human 

Just have to make sure that your computer isn't doing it attomatically.

2. Must be a website dedicated to gaming

Must be on gaming. It doesn't matter if you have it on one video game series, gaming, or one game. It just has to be a website which has info on video games.

3. Visits

It doesn't have to be famous but must have a reasonal amount of visitors.

4. Active 

Any website on the list that's not active or updated at least once every 3 months will be removed.

5. Community

Must have a nice webmaster and most of the community must be nice.

6. Copyright

Must not have any stolen copyrighted guides, videos, etc.

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